Lacuna. To appear and disappear.


Illuminated by a bright and merciless light, the city plays itself.

This collection of photographs was made during a 4-day stay in Venice, invited by the art-collective Fronde. 

Fronde is an idea of Francesco Bernardi, Camilla Crosta, Caterina Gabelli, with the support of Delia Mangano and Lucio Rubini. Photos by Caterina Gabelli and Alessandro Patriarca Vescovic.
Design by Sara Maragotto / Studio Fludd.
The artists involved are: Eleonora Diana (Turin) and Michael Otto (Berlin)
The photographers invited were: Alfred Agostinelli, Yoichi Iwamoto, Rachele Maistrello, Dorotea Skrabo, Laura Van Severen, Claudia Zalla.

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