Land. On the brink of some formidably complex matter (2016) proposes a visual journey through highly transformed and fragmented landscapes. The images highlight new shapes —straight, repetitive, efficient— mimicking the global logic and logistics. Every hill is leveled, each obstacle crossed and each material transformed in an attempt to guarantee a smooth and swift transit of goods and people.

In this project the viewer has to guess the distances and proportions, the beginnings and ends, the entrances and exits. The result is a set of vertiginous and disorienting views, mirroring the myriad of global operations.

Photobook ︎︎︎
LAND (2016) Photobook
The Eriskay Connection

Exhibition views ︎︎︎
PIM PAM foto, Barcelona, Spain
Nuevas topografías fotográficas. Sevilla, Spain
Bfoto, Barbastro, Spain
Crox 521-525, Croxhapox, Gent, Belgium
KASK School of Arts, Gent, Belgium

Article ︎︎︎
Photo Essay in De Standaard Weekblad
Text by Jan Desloover (Dutch only)

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